Thorn (Taine Oathkeeper)

younger brother to Tailus OathKeeper. Thorn dedicates his life to keeping the balance of nature.


Taine’s heroic nature took shape during the invasion of Backkaggen. The once peaceful town was taken over by a gang of thugs, who saw to exploit the riches in the towns trade; timber. Making the occupants of Backaggen, work for them. Though they were horrible people no one dared to stand up to them. Taine and his older brother Tailus’ father was the closest thing the town had to a protector. He was a former hero of a guild, however he’d retired from that life due to injury. He was only one man, old, out of practice and injured. He knew he stood little chance against a group of them. The bandits however knew of his past, and though he posed no immediate threat to them he did make them uneasy so they tended to leave him and his family alone.

Months passed and the people of Backaggen grew accustomed to the towns invaders, they could still live their lives, they just had no link to the outside world anymore.

Thorn (Taine Oathkeeper)

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